Benefits to Caregivers

  • Only one caregiver required to reposition a patient.
  • Saves you time!
    • No need to seek out another caregiver to do a traditional draw sheet pull
    • No need to get out the cumbersome Patient Lift-Lindy Slider is always ready
    • The entire process takes about 30 seconds!
  • Saves your back –The Lindy SliderTM motor does the work for you!
    • Your spine suffers micro-fractures with every traditional patient move
  • Extend your career!  You can do what you love, longer when you don’t have work-related back issues

Benefits to Administration – see our ROI Value page!

  • Reduces employee injuries—and correlated time off.
  • Saves money!
    • Reduces Worker Compensation Claims
    • Worker’s Comp insurance premium discounts in some states
    • One Lindy SliderTM is a fraction of the cost of one Worker Comp Claim
  • Improves morale!
    • Employees don’t dread the most common care task
    • Employees know you care when you provide tools to protect them
  • Attract and Retain Employees!  A great Recruiting and Retention tool.
  • Helps meet compliance requirements for Safe Patient Handling (SPHM) programs.
  • Creates an established commitment to safety.