User Manual and Installation Instructions

How do I use this thing?

Please watch our Training Video

What are the patient weight limits?

The Lindy Slider can accommodate patients up to 325lbs.

How do I install the Lindy Slider?

The Lindy Slider requires a standard electrical 110 outlet as is common in most American homes.  It does require a grounded 3-prong outlet.

The carriage sits on any bed headboard up to 3” thick with at least a 24” wide flat span.  This headboard design describes most standard long-term care beds that are found in most nursing homes and are rented from medical supply companies. Drive Medical and Invacare brands have 36″ wide flat headboards, and are affordable to either rent or purchase for home use. Drive Medical, Invacare and other brands are available on Amazon.com.

The clamps on the Lindy Slider easily secure to the headboard.  No tools or assembly required; it’s ready to go out of the box.

How do I clean the Lindy Slider?

The Lindy Slider mechanism carriage is sealed and should not be opened. You can clean the exterior of the carriage with alcohol. The straps, carabiners and cords can also be wiped with alcohol.

The Slide Sheet can be machine washed in hot water with a typical detergent like Tide.  Do not use bleach on the slide sheet.  Do not tumble dry—simply hang dry the slide sheet after machine washing.

We are a home healthcare agency or facility and are interested in a bulk purchase.

We are delighted to talk with you about a discount for a purchase of multiple units.  Please call us at: 805-451-8089, or email at lindyslider@gmail.com.

Can I use the Lindy Slider with multiple patients?

The mechanism carriage can be used with multiple patients. However, each patient should have their own Slide Sheet, due to hygiene concerns.  Think of it as a ‘personal item’.

Can I move the Lindy Slider from bed to bed, so I only need to get one unit for my facility?

Technically, yes.  BUT hold on.  The units are priced so that it makes sense for a facility to get one for each ‘bed bound patient bed’ and leave the unit on the bed.  WHY?  Because human nature likes convenience. The convenience of having it ‘always ready’ increases caregivers using it every time.  When a caregiver has to search for a piece of Safe Patient Handling Equipment (like a Hoyer Lift) precious care-time is wasted in that search.  To increase compliance, we strongly encourage facilities to get enough units for 10% of their beds and use those as ‘Bed Bound Beds’.  Check out the Return on Investment page to see the math and how The Lindy Slider pays for itself 133% year after year.

Can I get replacement Slide Sheets?

Yes.  It’s a good idea to have a spare on hand. They are available from Amazon.com.

I have a bed that doesn’t have a headboard.  Is there an option for using it without a 2″ thick headboard?

You will be interested to get the Stand!  It’s a wheeled and mobile Stand that the Lindy Slider mounts onto.  It easily slides behind and under the head-end of any bed.  We are working on other ways the Stand can be used, and we’ll have a video about that soon.

Is there a warranty on the Lindy Slider.

The Lindy Slider comes with an limited one-year warranty that covers parts and labor.  The Lindy Slider carriage is sealed and it should be returned to us, in the unlikely event it ever requires work.

Can I return the Lindy Slider?

Like most all healthcare items, The Lindy Slider is considered a personal item and is not returnable.

Do you have rentals available?

Not at this time. Check with your local medical supply rental company that rents hospital-style beds and other Durable Medical Equipment to see if they carry the Lindy Slider.

Will my Healthcare Insurance pay for this?

Every insurance plan is unique.  We are unable to guarantee that the price of the Lindy Slider will be covered by any insurance policy.  Contact your plan to get information about Durable Medical Equipment coverage.  Typically, insurance plans require a doctor’s prescription/written order for submitting a claim for reimbursement.