The Lindy SliderTM  Features:

For use with patient weight up to 325lbs.

Patients weigh more today, so getting mechanical assistance to move a patient up in bed is essential.  The Lindy Slider can handle up to 325lbs, so the majority of patients are covered.

Corded power controller means you never lose the remote

The power controller has a generous 6′ power cord, which allows you to control the unit from either side of the bed!  Because it’s corded, the controller won’t get misplaced.

Works with bed headboard against a wall and in a corner!

The Lindy SliderTM   requires zero clearance from the wall.  This means you can install the unit with the bed pushed up against a wall.  It works even with the bed in a corner as so many long-term care rooms are arranged.

Made in the U.S.A. with American-made components

Committed to excellence and patriotic, we have carefully sourced the components so they are made-in-America, and the units are made here in the U.S.A. so no worries about quality issues.

Made with U.L. Listed parts

The electrical components are Underwriter Laboratory Listed for the added peace of mind of the quality of The Lindy SliderTM 

Easy to Clean

The sealed box exterior is cleaned easily with standard rubbing alcohol.  The Draw-sheet is machine washable.

Compact and out of the way

Save space with The Lindy SliderTM .  Free space in a patient room is often limited, so every square foot is precious. Install the unit on the headboard and leave it there.  With a mobile Patient Lift, you have to find a place to store the space-hog out of the away, and then retrieve it each time you want to use it.  That’s a lot of work just to move your patient up in bed a few important inches!

Always there and ready to go

The Lindy SliderTM    is left on the headboard, so it’s convenient to use because it’s already there and ready when you are! When Caregivers use Patient Handling equipment risk of injury is reduced. Nursing care Administrators know that Safe Patient Handling programs are more effective when the equipment is easy.