ROI Value

The Lindy Slider pays for itself it the first year!

Let’s look at the ways that The Lindy Slider™ can save your organization money.

The Lindy Slider saves facilities in three categories:

  1. Productivity – Efficiency gains in time saved
  2. Worker Comp Insurance Premiums – Impact from Claims
  3. Employee Retention – Reduced turnover

NOTE: The Assumptions used in the illustrations purposely show the lowest on every factor (hourly wages, time involved, number of accidents) to show the minimum potential savings by using  The Lindy Slider™ 

Return on Investment SUMMARY

Savings TypeAnnual Savings/ROI $ROI %
ROI Savings per year$42,251133%
Productivity $22,40071%
WC Insurance Prem$6,97521%
Employee Retention$13,05641%


Productivity – Efficiency Gained in Time Saved

A single caregiver can reposition a patient in about 30 seconds with The Lindy Slider

Assumptions for Manual Reposition with Traditional Draw Sheet:

  • Number of Caregivers Required: 2
  • Hourly Wage Each: $10/hour
  • Time Spent in Traditional Draw Sheet Move (includes locating a co-worker to assist): 5 minutes
  • Number of Times a Patient is Repositioned per day: 4
  • Number of Patients in Facility Requiring Repositioning: 10
  • Number of Lindy Slider Units in Facility: 10
Time PeriodDollarsTime/MinutesTime/Hours
Saved per day$66.0040
Saved per week$466.672804.6
Saved per month$1,866.67112018.6
Saved per year$22,400.0013440224

Impact to Worker’s Comp Insurance Premium

A workplace injury impacts Worker Compensation Insurance rates for three premium-years beyond the event. This illustration assumes 1 accident in 3 years

Assumptions for Savings to W.C. Insurance Premium

  • Number of Employees in Caregiver Class at Facility: 40
  • Average Hourly Wage: $10.00
  • Total Wages Per Year: $832,000
  • Hundreds in the Rate Calculation: 8,320
  • Rate Per Hundred: $5.45 (average of PA Class Code 942)
  • Total Annual Premium: $45,302.40
  • EMR Rating (base year): 0
  • EMR Rating Increase after ONE Accident: .15
  • Cost of Premium Increase per Year: $6,795
  • Cost of Premium Increase 3 years: $20,386
  • Number of Lindy Sliders Purchased: 10

Employee Retention

The Lindy Slider™ is a great way to reduce employee turnover and retain your best talent. Employees feel valued and appreciate when employers provide them with tools that make their job easier, and safer.

Assumptions for Employee Turn-over
Costs include posting job ads, interviews, direct hiring costs, training time

  • Cost base on Percent of Annual Wage: 16%
  • Average Hourly Rate of Caregiver: $10/hr
  • Number of Caregivers in Facility: 40
  • Average Churn Rate in industry: 10%[i]
  • Number of Employees Retained in a year: 4
Retention Costs
Cost of 1 Employee turn-over  $    3,328.00
Cost of 4 Turn-overs  $    13,056.00

[i] RN Turnover Rate 14.6% in 2016